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September 1 / 6-8pm

Session 1:
Big picture thinking and doing

Welcome to ALT/work!
It begins by posing the question - why an alternative? Uh, yeah. The world’s pretty messed up right now. Why is it this way?
More importantly, it doesn’t have to be this way.  We’ll begin this session by getting to know each other a bit - we’re better together, after all. 
We’ll have lots of space for Q&A, discussion, sharing, learning, connecting and maybe even some music.

The speakers joining us for this session are:

September 2 / 6-8pm

Session 2:
Building Ourselves Up

What’s your superpower? We’re all human beings capable of doing amazing things if we follow our dreams and build up our skills.
And maybe support one another in the process too. We’ll spend a few minutes getting to know one another.

The speakers joining us for this session are:

September 9 / 6-8pm

Session 5:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Yes, but sometimes that step is into the vast unknown! How do you start something up, like where do you even begin? And what if you fail?
FFS, these are important questions, right? We’ll share our thoughts and discuss a bit amongst ourselves, then hear some real-world stories.
This session will inspire lots of questions about diving in and start up, so we’ll have lots of space for that, and getting connected with each other, too.
** We’re lining up a group of young entrepreneurs and a special guest. We’ll be announcing soon!

The speaker joining us for this session is:

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ALT/overtime is an extra 30 minutes to carry on discussion, hear from additional presenters, ‘open mic’, networking, etc. Some sessions will be fizzy, emotional, heady, so this is a chance to let things go where they might need to go. Want to present something here?  DM us on our Instagram